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The first Murphy’s Army Purple Poppy Campaign was launched in 2016 to encourage members of the public to come together to pay tribute to the many animals lost in Service, and to those who Serve us today.

Our research had shown that although the traditional red poppy was well known, the significance of the purple poppy – to remember the animals – was less so.  We believe our efforts over the years have raised significant awareness of the meaning of the purple poppy and many more are now being worn with pride.

 Indeed, response to Murphy’s Army Purple Poppy Campaigns over the years has been  wonderful with more than £75,000 raised for our chosen causes.

Murphy's Army Purple Poppy Campaign™ 

2023 is now live!!!!













We are proudly supporting 2 new beneficiaries this year...


National Foundation For Retired Service Animals


The National Foundation for Retired Service Animals is a new charity set up to promote the care, well-being, and welfare of retired service animals from across the emergency service family, namely that of the police, fire, and prison services.


It will support the owners of retired dogs and horses by helping with veterinary bills and ongoing care, whether they be the handlers who have decided to keep their work partners, or the families who have adopted a retired service animal.


The NFRSA will also help the existing local charities who have already been working incredibly hard to provide this vital support, by promoting their work and sign-posting those who need help, or would like to offer help, to the established organisations if applicable to their location.


Retired service animals are no longer afforded financial help once they have put their paws or hooves up, and so it is up to us to ensure their retirement is one of comfort and safety – this includes their ongoing health and happiness.


For years they have protected us, the public, from danger – whether it be criminal activities, crowd control using horses, fire detection dogs, or prison dogs. It is now our turn to protect our protectors.






Hero Paws - Life After Service


Hero Paws is a registered charity that supports all services that employ working dogs, from Military and Police to civilian sectors such as HMPS, Security, Conservation and Search roles.

 We offer an unbiased process that aids all dogs to retire whether that be from failed training, unable to meet their current training standards or they have come to the end of their service. 

 We offer to help bridge the gap from service to general population, to search for and rehome to the perfect home.  We offer continued support and guidance to make sure these dogs live out the retirement they deserve.


 And of course our very own Murphy's Army charity.


Something new for  2022....  

They Also Served Memorial Fund

Our exciting new project for 2022.  More information coming soon…


 We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Official sponsors Simply Jaspers Ltd.


Their very kind and generous contribution will mean that even more of the funds raised will benefit our worthy causes.  If your business would like to help please do get in touch.






Show your support, wear your Murphy's Army Purple Poppies  and Pin badges with pride! 


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