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The first Murphy’s Army Purple Poppy Campaign was launched in 2016 to encourage members of the public to come together to pay tribute to the many animals lost in Service, and to those who Serve us today.

Our research had shown that although the traditional red poppy was well known, the significance of the purple poppy – to remember the animals – was less so.  We believe our efforts over the years have raised significant awareness of the meaning of the purple poppy and many more are now being worn with pride.

 Indeed, response to Murphy’s Army Purple Poppy Campaigns over the years has been  wonderful with more than £45,000 raised for our chosen causes.

Our 2020 Campaign is now underway and we hope you’ll lend your support once again to make this an even greater success.

To everyone who has lent their support thus far, thank you, and to new supporters, welcome – together we will ensure that the contributions made, and continuing to be made by the animals are not forgotten but remembered always.

  **Murphy's Army Purple Poppy Campaign™ 

2020 is now live!!!!**

Show your support, wear your Murphy's Army Purple Poppies  and Pin badges with pride! 

Visit our Ebay shop: 


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Animal Plain





Animal Sparkly



Knitted Pin for humansKnitted Pin for humansHuman Plain



Human Sparkly




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